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The Capital of Concordia...

Ambrosia is the capital city of the Kingdom of Concordia, a place steeped in history and folklore that’s overlooked the azure blue sea for generations. 

Split into different districts – each with its own ambience – as well as a number of beaches to explore, Ambrosia is filled with sights, smells, tastes, and sounds that attract thousands of tourists and new residents to its fortified walls every year!


After a day of wandering the streets and visiting the local shops, including the mysterious and magical Mystic Emporium and Ambrosia’s legendary vintage bazaars, why not dine into the night at one of the city’s award-winning restaurants?

Ambrosia truly is a magical place; some say hauntingly so. Others just say it’s haunted. Just outside the city’s fortifications is Cliffhanger Villa, rumoured to be one of the most paranormal places in all of Concordia. Dare you stay the night (or eternity?) and test your nerves?

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