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Culinarim Tower

Today we’re taking a trip to the Culinarim tower, home to the most prestigious chefs, not only in Ambrosia or even Concordia, but the whole world!

A shot of the Culinarim tower in Ambrosia

Culinary combat is a frequent occurrence within its hallowed halls, with chefs cooking up a storm one on one, going head-to-head to produce the finest dishes on the globe. For those able to peak behind the apron strings, the cook-offs are a sight to behold, with food flying and flavor's flambéing in almost every room.

Public degustation’s are a rare event, but those lucky enough to be invited to take a bite of history say their lives have been irrevocably changed – some even claim to have had out of body experiences… although there is no scientific evidence to prove this.

There is no arguing it, for chefs wanting to be somebody in the cutthroat world of culinary creations, the Culinarim Tower is the place to be, if you’re good enough to get in that is.

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