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Hedon Plaza & Terror Citadel

It’s finally here! Your trip to Ambrosia starts now, please make sure to exit the ship in an orderly fashion, and please do not push, there’s enough food in the city for everyone!

Our final stop on the Ambrosia Grand Tour takes us to Hedon Plaza, the place to be for the rich and famous, and the Terror Citadel, a former beacon of calm and order in the city, owned by Baron Vileman of Blackheart, famous for his acts of charity and welcoming homeless people into his care.

Hedon Plaza offers up the very best Ambrosia has to offer; it is the absolute pinnacle for opulence and finery. It also houses the Transcendent, the best restaurant in the world, which is run by a coven of skilled mages who use magic to fuse the food together in ways that will enchant the tongue and boggle the mind.

As for the Terror Citadel, unfortunately, a recent event* resulted in the untimely death of the Baron and his loyal servants, leaving the Terror Citadel hauntingly empty, although visitors can still experience the gardens of torment and the fountain of agony which we have been assured by the Baron’s relatives are just colourful names.

* This job doesn’t pay well, so cook it, why not – the ‘event’ was that the Baron and his servants were murdered in a local raid after news got out that the people the Baron was welcoming into his home under the guise of charity were actually being used as sacrifices during terrible rituals in an attempt to bring back ancient unspeakable demons.

Anyway… welcome to Epic Chef! A land of wonder and intrigue, food fights and frolicking, and the most epic food fights ever recorded. We hope you found this series of blogs helpful for your visit to Ambrosia.

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