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Welcome to Ambrosia....

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

With winding streets to explore, enchanting townsfolk to meet, and culinary masterpieces to consume, Ambrosia offers the perfect place to visit for those wanting to enjoy a different slice of life.

Boasting several captivating districts, each unique and quirky in its own way, Ambrosia’s eclectic selection of locations provide a myriad of different experiences for every flavour of visitor to sink their teeth into. Today we’re exploring the sun-soaked streets of the Old Port District.

Unsurprisingly the Old Port District is home to the oldest docks in Ambrosia – with the tranquil blue waters of the sea lapping along shore, and the lighthouse standing as the watchful bastion of peace for the Kingdom of Concordia, visitors should be sure to spend an hour or two taking in the fresh air and welcoming faces of the locals in this bustling port.

Gourmands with a taste for sea fare should stop by The Bicornio, the finest seaside restaurant Ambrosia has to offer; the catch of the day is caught fresh that morning, and the specials are rotated weekly, offering up delectable delicacies not to be missed!

Those who feel a pull to all things unknown and mysterious would be amiss not taking a trip to the Mystic Emporium, with curiosities from every corner of the kingdom, this shop offers up items unattainable by normal means, truly a delight to behold.

Join us next in two weeks’ time for a closer look at the Nyariam Enclave, with stunning architecture and frequent festivals, it’s the purrrrfect location to visit while in Ambrosia.

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