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The Countryside

Today we’re heading back to Ambrosia for a short spell (don’t worry, Chef Mike will be back in a few short days) as we head to the countryside.

Ambrosia offers up more than just a walled city with eccentric locals. The rolling green fields of the countryside provide a beautiful backdrop for the city and are the perfect place to visit to stretch your legs and walk off the delicious food you’ve just devoured.

Concordian villas also dot the picturesque landscape, boasting unique designs found only in this corner of the world, and are a must for those interested in construction and architectonics – we please ask you admire the houses from the outside and do not try to enter the houses, the owners do not like it.

Please also note that the haunted Cliffside villa and forest are strictly off limits for all visitors, those found flaunting this rule may encounter a fate worse than death, and it also requires a lot of paperwork.

Join us on 11th November as we celebrate the launch of Epic Chef (the quite frankly incredible game that sponsors Visit Ambrosia) and take a look at our final two stop on the tour: Hedon Plaza and Terror Citadel along with one final video from Chef Mike – you won’t want to miss it.

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