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The Nyarian Enclave...

No trip to Ambrosia would be complete without a visit to the Nyarian Enclave. Inhabited almost exclusively by the proud cat people of the Nyarian race, this area of the city boasts fascinating Wiao architecture from Nyar’nia, their ancestral island found to the east of Concordia, as well as the angular buildings of the Ketek people, who bring a piece of the southern continent to our fair city.

At the centre of the district, The Immaculate stands proud as one of the jewels of Ambrosia. This cultural bastion is run by no less than Lore Custodian Anzashi, local leader of the Wiao. The traditional fish recipes of this master chef will marvel those lucky enough to taste them... which is no easy feat! With the waitlist growing exponentially by the day, we recommend booking a table early to avoid disappointment, this is a taste of the city you won’t want to miss!

Festivals are a frequent occurrence in the Nyarian Enclave; no matter the time of year, visitors will almost always get to experience the outlandish entertainment and delicious street food on offer. The most notable of the events is the Caturnalia. Held once a year, the festival attracts cat people from all around Fulgur to come together and celebrate their shared heritage – with everyone welcome to join in with the festivities, it’s truly an experience not to be missed.

Our next stop will take you to the Culinarim Tower, home to the most prestigious chefs in the world, where food fights are not quite as you’d imagine…

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